Incredible Glasses: extend your vision

See the world from a new perspective. Don’t be influenced by convention. Be bold and look beyond.

That’s the philosophy behind Incredible Glasses: rigorous Italian-made quality and a commitment to research
and innovation with eyewear made of a unique plastic material with unmatched flexibility and toughness.

Lots of styles, colours and accents
to make your look unique.

Matching styles

Think flexible

Flexible, tough and incredibly light: the comfort that comes from Italian-made quality.


Ophelia, sunglasses for seductive women

Ophelia sunglasses with an exquisitely female design: the InLab collection of Incredible Glasses enriches its line with Ophelia, a new…
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MIDO Eyewear Show: we’ll be there!

New trends, materials and technologies will intertwine to give shape to diverse, one-of-a-kind set-ups. A unique opportunity to discover the…
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InTitanium: the revolution in eyewear

Incredible Glasses looks towards the future experimenting with new materials. Now it’s titanium’s turn, a lightweight, non-toxic and non-allergenic metal…
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